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Ada-Group Acquisitions Division

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About ADA-Group Acquisitions Division

Our specialization is to identification to vendor management and compliance screening.

One of the greatest challenges in procurement is supplier management – identifying the right supplier to keep track of vendor performance.

Additionally, compliance risks like anti-corruption, policy and global norms adherence, business involvement in sensitive sectors, global sanctions.

Our procurement and compliance teams with over 30 years of experience leading the processes to success

ADA- Group

is a specialized group of companies that offers procurement external services to private, public and non-profit clients.

Our personalized approach combines a deep perspective of companies’ needs and market dynamics to identify the best solutions for their initiatives.


Our team has the experience and ability to respond to challenges to help you solve the most complex issues that impact your business or investment.

Our Acquisition Division Specialization Sectors

Safety Equipment

  • Automotive industry
  • Car assistance and repair
  • Chemistry
  • Food processing
  • Healthcare
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Mining industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Public utility services and public works
  • Transportation
  • Logistics and warehouse

Absorbents & Spill Control


ADA provides every client with quality 

KN95 Mask FFP2 CE

KN95 HYGIENIC Mask & Medical KN95 Mask

Naguma & ADA provides every client with quality warranty, this documentation is included in the product documentation package provided

Acquisitions Division


* Inventory of suppliers, procurement segments and spend * Procurement scan per segment * Insight into promising procurement processes * Advice and reporting on savings potential and opportunities for improvement




* Implementation of procurement project(s) and implementation * Developing Business Cases with concrete savings and process improvements per segment


Periodic monitoring and checking of agreements made Managing contracts ,keeping contracts up to date

Logistics and Supply

Exclusive agreement with a reputable Chinese manufacturer, that has produced for state government, that is composed of 3 factories. One of twelve Chinese manufacturers on the whitelist in China.
SGS Test Reports and Notified Body CE certification

Air Transport

Exclusive agreement for the transport of masks with Romania’s top airliner, Blue Air.

Customs handling

Working with freight forwarding operators that have extensive experience and relations at both Chinese and Romanian customs

Truck Transport

Have the ability to export from Romania and deliver through truck transport to any European country

Daily Supply Capacities:
3-Ply Hygienic Masks: 3,000,000
Medical 3-Ply Masks: 8,000,000
KN95 Protective Masks: 1,800,000
Medical KN95 Masks: 1,800,000

Branding and Packaging

Naguma has a long-term focus on differentiation through branding that emphasizes the quality of our product and professionalism of our documentation
Naguma product is packaged with five languages (English, Romanian, French, German and Spanish), bar code and proper certification marked packaging

Branding and Packaging -Mastercase

3 Ply Hygienic

50 pieces Bag / Carton
60 Cartons / Mastercase

Total: 3000 Pieces / Mastercase

Medical 3 Ply

50 pieces Bag / Carton
60 Cartons / Mastercase

Total: 3000 Pieces / Mastercase

KN95 Protective

10 pieces Bag
5 Bags / Carton
16 Cartons / Mastercase

Total: 800 masks / Mastercase

Contact ADA-Trade
+40 372 747 500

Calugareni 27, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania

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